Roxy and Her Annoying Little Brother, Stuey

A famous rescue dog reluctantly shares the spotlight with her little brother.

About Roxy and Stuey

Roxy  and Stuey — both rescue dogs from Tennessee — are happy little brown dogs now living in Connecticut. Their human mom was so inspired by the love and dedication of the rescue volunteers who saved them that she wrote a book to benefit dog rescue: “Roxy’s Forever Home.”

The problem? The book is all about Roxy, since she got here first. Although we can’t quite tell if Stuey cares that nobody has written a book about him, we’re pretty sure the fame has totally gone to Roxy’s head.

Roxy and Stuey hope to keep you entertained and informed about all the things that are important to them. They’d love it if you’d subscribe to the blog, retweet posts, share on Facebook and, most importantly, use your PayPal account and buy a book at and help save doggies just like Roxy and Stuey. The diva and her writer will even sign each book.

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