Roxy and Her Annoying Little Brother, Stuey

A famous rescue dog reluctantly shares the spotlight with her little brother.

The Great Puppy Rescue of 2014, Part 3


They met the puppies today!

Hi, it’s Roxy. I heard all about those six squishy little puppies, and I’m not sure if I want to snuggle with them or eat them. They kind of look like Guinea Pigs. Except cuter. Look at that pile of puppies!

My people also had a fun time meeting the mama dog, who is being named Lana (pronounced Lane-ah.) She’s taking wicked good care of the pups, and they’ll all start their journey north tomorrow morning.

I can’t wait to meet them. Can you?


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The Great Puppy Rescue of 2014, Part 2


Hi, it’s Stuey. My people just sent this picture of the mama dog and her six puppies. They will all meet each other tomorrow, and I’m totally jealous. Do you know how horrible it is when they leave me home to go on their adventures?

They’ve been swimming. (Oh, I forgot. I hate swimming.) They’ve stayed in hotels. (Actually, I’d rather stay in my boys’ beds.) They’ve been in the car for 14 hours. (Are you serious?)

So anyway, here’s the picture. I don’t remember much about my mom, but I’d like to think my first days were something like this. All puppies should be this lucky.

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The Great Puppy Rescue of 2014


They’re doing it again.

Hi, it’s Roxy. I’m stuck at home while my mom and my rescue mom and their boys are all going down to Tennessee to rescue some puppies. I hear they’re cute and squishy. That’s greatl, but have I mentioned that they didn’t take me along? So not cool.

Anyway, from what I hear, things are still pretty bad with the whole overpopulation problem down there. The puppies being rescued have a pretty sad story. Their mom — a pretty Belgian Shepherd — was hungry and about to have her puppies in a shelter in Tennessee. My rescue hero, Melissa, brought her home. She didn’t want those puppies born on the concrete floor of a shelter, so she fattened her up, and helped her deliver those little pups at home. My people are bringing all of them back to Connecticut and will find homes for all of them, even the mama.

The travelers sent along this picture of a dog they met wandering in Virginia. He was super-nice, they said, and you know how much I love the shiny black dogs. His collar didn’t have a name, but instead read “Don’t feed. Send Home.” That’s cool, except he hasn’t had that procedure at the vet that makes it so he can’t make any more puppies. Not cool. Even though he looks pretty handsome, he’s part of the problem. Sorry, dude.

I hear my people are on the road again tomorrow, and will get to meet those little puppies. I can’t wait to meet them, can you?

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From Newtown to Hartford, Love Wins


Last January, in the tear-filled weeks following the horrible attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we decided to donate a copy of “Roxy’s Forever Home” to all Sandy Hook students. Many of our friends donated books, which were all dedicated and signed. We talked several times with school staff, choosing a date for Roxy to bring some therapy to Newtown, as many other therapy dogs had.

But this fall, it was decided that the students had lost too much instructional time. And the town was simply overwhelmed by donations.

So just yesterday, after talking with the principal of Sanchez Elementary School in Hartford, we made the choice to give the books to all of Sanchez’s first, second and third-graders in celebration of Three Kings Day in a few weeks. We can’t wait.

Since this anniversary is marked by both sadness and hope, it seems fitting that Roxy’s love and comfort will now be shared with children who, while not in the same situation, can certainly appreciate the importance of a secure home and caring for others.

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Roxy and Religion


Seeing as I’m a Little Brown Dog, unaffiliated with any sort of organized religion, I was happy to start my day today with a visit to the Quaker Meetinghouse in West Hartford. Of course, I know nothing about religion, other than the fact that God spelled backwards is dog.

But this place was great. They’re all about silence. Honestly, sometimes I forget I even have the ability to bark. Occasionally I howl at my boyfriend, Panda, across the street, but I’m generally a quiet dog.

Not only are the Quakers quiet and peaceful, they have soup rather than coffee after they’re done thinking about stuff. So smart! While my mom blabbed on about rescue dogs and signed books, some nice kids fed me beef stew and bread.

So here I am, after a long day of being peaceful and cute, sitting by the fire, being as peaceful and cute as I can possibly be. If only I could get a little more of that beef stew …

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I’ve Got the Moves Like Jagger


They named me Mick Jagger yesterday. Crazy kids.

Maybe Mickey would be better. Or maybe something really tough and masculine like Jake or Bud.

I’m one of five puppies who came north yesterday from Tennessee. My four sisters — here for less than a weekend — are all pretty much adopted. (Okay, one is being fostered with the possibility of adopting, but we all know how that usually turns out.)

So, why me? Why am I the only one left?

Clearly, I’m cute. I get along with everybody. I don’t even care what you call me.

But please, call me.

For information on adopting Mick Jagger please email

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So Much to Do! So much to Chew!

While Roxy has had quite a week (letting 800 children pet her and tell her how cute she is) I’ve had a very busy time myself.


After months of waiting, I’ve finally gotten my paws on these slippers. After I chewed her first and second pairs, my mom and kept hiding this third pair from me. But because of all of her author visits this week (hello, kids from Enfield and Southington!), she let down her guard.

I think she’ll love what I’ve done with them. They’ve now got lots of ventilation — perfect for this warmer weather.


And just this morning, I helped her with some gardening. I’m apparently really good at rototilling. Just think of what I could do for the vegetable garden …

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My Name is Misty.


I know what you’re thinking. I totally look like Roxy Pelham. Same cute white paws, same expressive brown eyes.

But there’s a big difference between us two brown girls. While Roxy lives in a nice, warm house with a family and comfy places to nap, I live in the Waterbury Dog Pound. The lady who takes care of us here is great, and so are the other dogs who live here.

But what I’d really like is a set-up like Roxy has. I don’t need anything fancy, but I sure would love to cuddle on somebody’s couch and maybe go for a walk. I’m just a year old and have so much to offer. I saw Roxy’s mom today, and I tried to let her know how much I want to go home.

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, please think about adopting a dog who really needs a home. Like me.

Contact Roz at the Waterbury Dog Pound for more information: 203-574-6909.

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Sharing the Love with Newtown


Thousands of little hands have hugged and petted my little brown therapy dog this school year during author visits for my children’s book. She’s turned around quite a few bad days for some kids who just needed some unconditional love. It’s amazing how powerful and soothing a dog can be.

Little Roxy will share her love in September with the students of Sandy Hook Elementary School. We’ve finally set a date with the school are donating a copy of “Roxy’s Forever Home” to each of the students, and several friends have already purchased copies to donate.

If you’d like to donate a book, please send a check for $18 (or any amount) to Roxy’s Forever Home, PO Box 1082, Farmington, CT 06034. The Husband — who understands math in a way normal humans do not — assures me that we will not make any money from these book sales, and that all donations will go just toward the books.

Love wins.

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It’s Official!


All eight of us puppies who came to Connecticut last week have been adopted! We are so happy!

We have new names, which is fine with us, since we only had our other names for a week and never quite got around to learning them. You wouldn’t believe how great our new families are! Some have kids, some do not, but all of the families have one thing in common: They’re awesome enough to open their homes to a rescue puppy who might not otherwise have such a great life.

We will totally miss our foster families. They gave us a great start — some of us are even potty trained! But most importantly, they gave us a chance. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now: Cozy, safe and loved.

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